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Server Management

Rent a system admin

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Server Management

We'll do the server work for you, including, but not limited to: monitoring, maintenance, updates, configuration, security, backups, virtualization and much more.

Per Incident Support

Wanna install a firewall? Need a fast and optimized application? Have a problem that needs fixing? We will take care of it. No contracts required. One-time only support.

Outsourced Hosting Support

We have a team of Level 1-3 hosting support guru's ready to take on your customers requests. White-label support. Including e-mail, tickets and live chat. Experienced and friendly.

What We Work With

A small part of our scope. We work with just about any software related to servers, Linux and web hosting: NGINX, APACHE, KAMAILIO, FREEPBX, FreeRADIUS, CENTOS, DEBIAN, ParrotOS

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