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Protect your business.

Layer 7 Protection Suit

1 Domain protected
Layer 3/4/7 DDoS protection
Up to 75 Tbps autoscalable capacity
Unlimited Bandwidth & Requests
WAF protection
Fully Managed


1 domain
200 GB traffic included
43 Global PoPs locations
68% speed grow

Expert support
Anycast DNS
Transparent & cost effective
User Data illustration
100 % redundancy & protection
100 % availability
Images illustration
Built-in OWASP & CMS Rules
SSL protection & ACL rights management

Friendly control panel
Pricing illustration

Advanced Controls

Access advanced settings if you want to tailor and tweak any aspect of your services.

Real-time Analytics

A wide range of standard reports and charts are available in the customer portal. Each draw from aggregate, per file, and per location data streams to provide multiple key metrics.

Frequently Asked Questions
A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is meant to consume all the resources of a service, thus bringing that service down or making it unreachable. DDoS Protection is a service to help mitigate against bad actors who may try to bring down your server.
Our anti-DDoS solution is available on all services.
The SonicFast anti-DDoS protects you against all types of attacks.