Layer 7 Shield

Powerful and scalable Layer 7 WAF and DDoS protection


per domain

100K Clean requests
Sensor Mode
L3/4/7 Protection
No Subdomains
Complete WAF
No DNS Included
No support

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per domain

Unlimited requests
Sensor Mode
Unlimited subdomains
Advanced Support
Complete WAF
DDoS Protected DNS
L3/4/7 Protection

NEW SonicFast Shield Control Panel

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If you need the protection for a critical application that is core to your business, we can help you.

Agile protection

All incoming traffic is constantly monitored and the and the and the security pages appear based on IP reputation so you no longer have to activate the annoying captcha for all visitors.

Rate Limiting

Block repeated violations from the same IP


AI based IP reputation system to prevent attacks.

Network Protection

Layer 3/4 protection as standard.

Anycast IP

One single IP backed by a global network.


Full time traffic analyzer, start using our zero-configuration WAF with over 30 pre-set protection rules.

Attacks handled:

SQL Injection
XSS Attack
Brute Force Attacks
Common Vulnerabilities
Traffic via proxy
Convicted Bot Traffic
Remote File Inclusion
Wordpress WAF
Apache Struts Exploit
Local File Inclusion
Traffic from VPN
Web Scraping
Layer 7 DDoS
Web Shell
Response Header Injection
Invalid User Agents
Traffic via TOR
Headless Browsers
Zero-Day Attacks
Layer 3/4 DDoS

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your Layer 7 protection work?

The L7 protection has multiple challenges that apply automatically basing on a IP reputation system.

Can I customize the challenge page?

It is only possible on a custom solution that you can request, obviously the price will raise.

What happens when I reach the free package limit?

If you reach the limits, the service will be suspended and to continue you'll have to buy the unlimited package.

Is it possible to allow or block an IP?

Yes except for the free package.

What if someone bypasses the protection?

In any case an attack should bypass our protection, you can contact us through tickets and we'll filter it for you.

Does it also include CDN?

No, this product does not include CDN.