Dedicated servers

High end dedicated servers


Xeon E5-1650v3
2x 480GB SSD
160Gbps DDoS protection
1 Gbit/s @ 40TB
2x Xeon E5-2650v4
6x 480GB SSD
160Gbps DDoS protection
1 Gbit/s @ 100TB

Europe location

Hosted in one of the world's best connected data centre, we can guarantee stability in ping and connection continuity.

UK, London

Premium bandwidth

Need more bandwidth? Get in touch with us to buy more, (charged per TB) this is billed pro-rate up until your next due date.

DDoS protected

Our virtual private servers are protected by Corero Smartwall technology which can cover up to 160Gbps layer 3 and 4.

160Gbps capacity

Layer 3 & Layer 4

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a dedicated server?

dedicated servers provide the most powerful solution for your business, all the resources are dedicated.

How great is the DDoS protection?

As firewall, we are currently using Corero Smartwall technology that can cover you up to 160Gbps layer 3/4.

How many IP can I allocate?

We have no IP limits on our dedicated servers.

Is the RAM DDR4?

Yes, we only use fast DDR4 ram.

Can I have unlimited bandwidth?

Yes, it's possible, contact us to get a quote.

Do you have other locations rather than UK?

No, we don't and we don't plan to add different locations.