New Owners

Announcing that the sonicFast assets have been transferred to new owners, ensuring existing customers can continue hosting with DDos protection.


The terms and conditions have been updated to reflect the transfer.

Stripe payments

Payment issues are still in effect. You can now change your payment method from the client area. If you are experiencing problems paying, remove existing cards and please choose Credit/Debit Card via Stripe. navigate to the unpaid invoice and click "Pay Now" to make a payment via Credit/Debit Card via Stripe. This will then create a Pay Method ...

Downtime communication

Hi everyone, this is an official communication regarding the issue that some of our customers are experiencing. Due to a malfunctioning driver our raid system failed and our SSD's inevitably got corrupted, we've tried everything in our power to recover the data that's why we decided to wait some days before publishing an official communication. ...

Interview With Mauro Carini by SafetyDetectives