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Started in 2016, SonicFast provides high quality and ddos protected hosting solutions.
Since the start, we always had one goal: keep your services online no matter what, that's why
we have focused our services on cyber security, providing DDoS protection on all services and protecting websites from hacker attacks.

Why should I choose SonicFast?

With years of experience in the hosting industry our team is always ready to assist you with
any problem in real time through ticketing.

The most difficult problem to deal with in a website is the security, more visitors you have and higher is the possibility
of being the target of an hacker attack, this can be a DDoS attack which will only cause downtime or a website attack that can allow
the hackers to dump the informations of your website.

SonicFast offers a solution for all these problems, providing DDoS protection on all layers and website security protection.

Highest quality Tier-1 providers

Advanced DDoS protection

Ultra fast SSD NVMe on all services

Our higher reward for customer loyalty

Since we point to the long term, we hope every customer is happy of our service and in order to make your experience with us amazing, we provide 24/7 live support to solve your problems and speed up your work.

As a sign of our gratitude we will be shipping some SonicFast accessories to every customer who spent more than 1000€ on our services.

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